Lalmba scholarships (grades 9-12) are awarded to the most qualified students, those whose grades are high, and those who have a minimum score of 250 on their Kenyan national school exams. If the student you sponsor does not meet the minimum threshold, the scholarship amount will be given to the next eligible student. 

All of the students that Lalmba Canada sponsors to continue their education, have pre-qualified for Lalmba Association's Reaching Children At Risk (RCAR) Program.  

Lalmba Association's RCAR program identifies those children in the community at highest risk. Lalmba Association assists over 1100 destitute children with no other means of support.  Many destitute or orphaned children in the communities that Lalmba serves must work to survive, eliminating any chance to go to school. Lalmba Association's RCAR program supplies these children with school fees (grades 1 - 8), basic food staples, clothing, school supplies, and complete medical care. For those children who truly have no one to support them, Lalmba Association runs a small children's home in Kenya and Ethiopia to parent those children in the most desperate situations.

Lalmba Canada is so honoured and proud to now administer the students grade 9-12 scholarship program, making continued education a reachable achievement and improving the lives of Lalmba Association's RCAR youth.

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Help students in Matoso get the education they need to change their lives, their families, and their communities.