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Lalmba bursaries/scholarships (grades 9-12) are awarded to those students with the highest of need, those whose grades are high, and those who have a minimum score of 250 on their Kenyan national school exams and also complete a competency exam administered by Lalmba.

Lalmba Canada also supports students who would like to attend vocational college to learn a trade that can support themselves and their communities such as becoming a seamstress, mechanic, cobbler or barber. 

For many families in this area of Kenya, the opportunity to send their children to school is not achievable,.  Many destitute or orphaned children in the communities that Lalmba serves must work within their home and community to help support their family, eliminating any chance to go to school. 

To ensure that the students who are attending school have all of the necessary supports to succeed with their education, we receive regular updates for each student from their schools.  We review their marks and attendance, and if any significant drops in their marks or attendance are noted, staff in Lalmba will reach out to the student and family members to work together in addressing any problems that are identified.  In addition, we visit the students at their schools whenever possible and see first hand their progress.  The schools report that our ongoing communication and "student check in" sets Lalmba Canada apart from other student bursary/scholarship programs.  We are happy to report that the majority of our students are performing within the upper 25% of their academic classes.

Lalmba Canada is honoured to administer the grade 9-12 student bursary/scholarship program and vocational college program.  Together we are making continued education a possibility and improving the future for youth in southwest Kenya.

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Help students in Matoso get the education they need to change their lives, their families, and their communities.

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