My name is Cliff.  I am learning at Sota S.D.A Primary School.  I am in class eight.  I was born on 3rd of August 2006 at Matoso Clinic.  My father’s name is Dickson.

When I was in class 4 my father died on 25th December 2014.  He was buried on 7th January 2015.  I continued with my learning.  By this time my mother was now my protector.  We lived in grass thatched house but our neighbours advised us to believe in God.

On 18th July 2016 I was appointed to be one of RCAR program.  I was so pleased with them because I knew they will help us in free treatment, free uniform, and free blanket.  When I was in class five, they took my measurement because they promised recently that they will bring for us the uniforms.  Now I am in class eight I can say that I have received uniform many times.  I also want to appreciate RCAR association for the blankets that they have been giving me.  I am also giving thanks to them for free treatment for us.  I am praying hard to Almighty so that I can get pass mark and proceed with my studying in secondary education freely.

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