My name is called Finidy. I am the son to Kenedy. My Mother’s name is called Grace. I was born in the year 2003 and I start schooling in the year 2008. When I was still in ECD section my Father died in the year 2013 when I was in class three. 

I am coming from Olando village East Kadem. From 2019, I was taken by the Lalmba people and since they have taken me, they have given me a mate and as God protect them and me. I want them to take me in secondary level if I work hard in the year 2020. If they took me to secondary level, I promise that I will work hard and achieve my talent. 

May God protect them and they continue taking other people. 

Finidy has been sponsored for his grade 9 and 10 year. His sponsor has committed to continue Finidy's education through grade 12.  We are so thankful for this support.

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