My name is Denish. I came from Othoch-Raku primary school, West Kadem Amoyo location Winam sub-location Migori County Kenya.

I was born in 2002 and my father died in 2010.  The RCAR people took me in the year 2012 when I was in class two. They started helping me with things that help in my education and some help for me at home.  

The RCAR people help me with maize that we do use at home for our meals, again they help me with school uniform. The uniform help me while in school, again they help me with blanket to help me to cover my body at night.

They help me with school supplies like books, pens, and some revision books. When I don’t have school fees, I go ask for them and they give them to me so they help my education in all ways.

They also help my life by telling me good thigs to do, talking to me and telling me not to join bad company like drinking or harmful drugs.

Denish has been sponsored for his grade 9 and 10 year. He would like to continue his education through grade 12.  If you would like to sponsor Denish for another year please donate now.

Sponsor Denish and give the gift of education.

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