My name is Elizabeth from Ongoro Village, Winam Sub-Location, Nyatike Constitiuency. I was born in the year 2002 to the late Joice and Zachaari , whereby Joice Adayo passed away in 2006 when I was in class 2 and Zachari passed away in 9/2/17 and later I was left behind as a total orphan, and the step mother I was left with could not afford anything in that I was really sick, I could not be allowed to pass the door. When I was brought here at Lalmba for treatment the management from Lalmba sat down and said that this girl is really sick and she is total orphan. What we can do for her is to help with money so that she can buy milk to improve her body. Later on in that year, the management from Lalmba arrived at our place when they were looking for the orphans they sat with us and talked to us on what we could do. Within that month, we were all called to Lalmba and we were told that when you are in school you should not be treated with money. You will receive uniform in your school and treatment. Uniform and blankets, I have received without payment. My dream is that I need work hard for a better performance so that I may join high school next year with your help god willing. God bless all the staffs from Lalmba.

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