My name is called Rydon. I am the son to Hezborn and Eunice. I am coming from Lidha Village, Winam Sub-Location, Nyatike Division in Migori County. 

I am learning at Sota Primary School. I was born in Matoso Hospital in the year 2004.

I started a new life with our family as our father was head of the family. Later my father died in the year 2011. We continued being fatherless family up to now. Later, in the year 2012, I was sponsored by RCAR people. 

At that time, RCAR people sponsored us with a lot of help. They start providing us with things like maize, rice, blanket, uniform, and when I became sick, they provide me with medicine to cure my disease. 

From now I thank the RCAR people. 

Rydon has been sponsored for his grade 9 and 10 school year. He would like to continue his education through grade 12.  If you would like to sponsor Rydon for another year please donate now.

Sponsor Rydon and give the gift of education.

We accept cheque, e-transfer, and other forms of donations.

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