I am Stecy. I was born in the year 2005. I am 14 years old. My father passed away in the year 2005. Later I got sponsorship by Lalmba in the year 2008. Lalmba has helped me in very many ways like provision of maize, blanket, uniform and free medication. Before I got sponsorship from Lalmba Association I faced many challenges like: I lacked blanket, uniform, and my Mother could struggle to get money for treatment in case I fall sick. The benefits I have received from Lalmba no one can offer them to me because Lalmba has offered my Mother a loan which she is trying to pay my school fee. But now I am aiming higher and working harder so that Lalmba can continue helping me in future if I pass my KCPE examination. 

Thank you for the support you’ve offered for me and may God bless you.

Stecy has been sponsored for her grade 9 and 10 year and her sponsor has agreed to sponsor her until she graduates from secondary school. We are so thankful for this support. 

Sponsor Stecy and give the gift of education.

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