My name is called Stephen.  My father’s name is called Alex and my mother’s name is called Faith.  I was born in the year 2003.  I come from Amogo Location, Got-Kachola Ward, Nyalike Sub County, Migori County, Kenya.  

My father died on July 11, 2017.  He left me with my mother and my mother was poor so she could not support me.  And then Lalmba Association sponsored me on March 2018.  Lalmba Association has helped me the following ways:  free treatment; school uniforms; and, blankets.

I am praying that if I do well in my national exams, I know that Lalmba Association will not leave me.  I want to take this opportunity to request that when I pass the national exam, they take me to secondary school.  

I am happy with Lalmba and I am praying for them to have a long life because of their sympathy of guiding orphans.  

Stephen has been sponsored for his grade 9 year. He would like to continue his education through grade 12.  If you would like to sponsor Stephen for another year please donate now.

Sponsor Stephen and give the gift of education.

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