I am coming from the family of the late William. My father died in the year 2006. I was born in the year 2004. I was taken by the RCAR program in the year 2010. 

Since I was taken I have seen many differences in my life. Before, I was suffering a lot, even I did not like school. But now I like school and I do a lot. 

RCAR program have done many wonders in my life. They include: 

  1. They have been paying for my school fees. 
  2. They have been giving me uniform. 
  3. They have been giving me some textbooks. 
  4. They have been treating me when I felt sick and they take care of my life. 

They have help me since Grade 1 up to now. I am going to complete my primary education. 

I am sincerely promising. 

Victor has been sponsored for his grade 9 and 10 year. He would like to continue his education through grade 12.  If you would like to sponsor Victor for another year please donate now.

Sponsor Victor and give the gift of education.

We accept cheque, e-transfer, and other forms of donations.

Help students in Matoso get the education they need to change their lives, their families, and their communities.