Eugene Omondi

My name is Eugine. I was born in year 2004 by Jeni and Eliazar .  I am from Othoch-Rakuom Primary School. I live in Nyakoria Village, Bandi Location, Nyatiki District, Migori County Kenya.

My father died in 2005 when I was still very young. My mother could not support us. I was supported by Lalmba in the year 2005 by giving us maize, school unform and blankets. 

After the death of my father, Lalmba advised my mother to go and borrow money from their office to start a business. At that time my mother did not have money to start the business herself. After borrowing the money she started a business where she was selling clothes. After some years my mother was more supporting us. 

I would like to learn until university. I want to be helped until I finish my university level of school.   Thank you very much. 

Eugine has been sponsored for his grade 9 and 10 year. He would like to continue his education through grade 12.  If you would like to sponsor Eugine for another year please donate now.

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