Eliver Awino

My name is Eliver.  I came from Nyatke District Olasi Zone in Mangu Village. I was born in the year 2005. I am a daughter to the late Vitalis John and Pamella. I started my primary education at Mangu primary school. My father died in the year 2013. 

Since my father died, the life was difficult. My mother was so poor that she could not support us. She was not able to buy for us school uniforms.

I was sponsored by Lalmba in the year 2015, I am in standard eight. Since I was sponsored by Lalmba, I can say what they had done to me. Lalmba provides us with blankets which my mother was not able to provide us with. Lalmba provides us with school uniforms and even free medical treatment. 

From now I am given school uniforms and even look smart between my classmates at school. I am praying that I would go to secondary school by the name of Lalmba.  

Eliver has been sponsored for her grade 9 and 10 year. She would like to continue her education through grade 12.  If you would like to sponsor Eliver for another year please donate now.

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