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Cole Hooper

Cole Hooper

Hey there, my name is Cole and I want to start off by saying I am beyond grateful to have the opportunity to participate in Tembea Na Mimi 2022, alongside all the other individuals as well.

I am a 25 year old tattoo artist living in Victoria, British Columbia. I was born and raised in Victoria and I have travelled quite frequently growing up as a child. By travelling the amount that I did, I was given the chance to see how other cultures live. Because of this, it allowed me to have a very humble view on many different aspects of life. I am extremely grateful for this and am hoping to further those views with my experience in Kenya. Lalmba was first introduced to me by my mom a few years back and I always knew someday I would be involved. I’m very excited for this opportunity in Kenya. Thank you all for your consideration and time.

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