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Sue Coronica

Sue Coronica

My name is Sue Coronica.  I am a wife to my loving husband Paul and a mother to my two beautiful children, London and Domenico.  My son Domenico was born with microcephaly.  Being a mother to a child with diverse needs has been a journey with many ups and downs.  This journey has opened my mind and helped me develop a strong sense of empathy towards others.  Domenico has taught me to be grateful for the things I have and shown me how to appreciate the small things in life, celebrate all the little things, and love the life you have.  

This year I am ready to start a new journey, to challenge myself mentally and physically.  My journey this year will be to walk alongside Bev, Kathy and the team in Kenya.  Bev was the one who originally introduced me to Lalmba.  I have been supporting Lalmba's journey ever since.  This year it is my turn.  I have decided to support Lalmba by participating in the walk myself.  Please consider sponsoring me on this journey.

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