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Kristen Grant

Kristen Grant

Hello! My name is Kristen Grant. I live in Victoria, BC— my hometown paradise. I feel extremely grateful To have grown up in such a beautiful place with such opportunity. The beauty of the island never ceases to amaze me.

When I was 23 I did a 5 month solo backpacking trip through south east Asia, and have been hooked on travel ever since. To be immersed in a culture that has so little, and has been through so much, but are so happy, and peaceful, and kind was such an eye opener for me. So very different from us here in the western world. I have been fascinated with culture ever since, and am overwhelmed with excitement to continue my travels to Africa with such purpose.

I was first introduced to Lalmba through Bev when she was getting ready for her second Tembea Na Mimi walk in 2019. I was in awe of her stories and photos, and the cause. It sparked me, and I knew I had to be involved. 

I hope I can inspire others, as Bev has inspired me.

Thank you so much for the support❤️

Help students in Matoso get the education they need to change their lives, their families, and their communities.

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