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Megan Jacobson

Megan Jacobson

My name is Megan and I’m planning to walk Tembea Na Mimi 2024! I’m a happy 43-year-old cat owner who once said, “Of all the places in the world, Africa is not a place I want to go.” But then I was introduced to the kids. They call to me. Their smiles through adversity and desire to learn are something I want to reach out and touch. I do not have children, and the only thing that will keep me from this walk is if my adoption goes through before then. I want to be a force for good, one that helps our youth, be they in Canada or Kenya, to be proud of themselves in their success(es). Success being defined as the achievement of a desired goal – and this one, this goal, is education. Please help me raise money for Kenyan education. All monies you donate will go to the children – walkers pay for the honour of walking out of pocket. Cheers!

Help students in Matoso get the education they need to change their lives, their families, and their communities.

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