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Anna Spratt

Hi, my name is Anna and here is a picture of me starting to practice walking! I am so excited to join the 2024 Tembea Na Mimi Walk! This walk is a once in a lifetime opportunity to challenge myself both mentally and physically by walking that far and immersing myself in the Kenyan environment and culture. It will be my honour to walk with these people in their ancient and current footsteps. The camels look like such expressive characters too and thankfully should provide a slower walking pace for me!

I grew up in India in the 70’s and there was a great amount of poverty surrounding us. Our privilege was obvious as Canadians, but I’m proud that my father gave back by teaching about growing better crops. I like to keep my gratitude for my lifestyle at the forefront of my thoughts and have always wanted to return to that side of the world and to pay my good fortune forward to others in need. This walk and charity is my perfect way to giveback.

I am an artist, a parent (of 3 sons) and an Early Childhood Educator. I know I will be so inspired by the wildlife for my art and am very interested spending time with Kenyan children and observing the educational practices at the schools we will see.

Help students in Matoso get the education they need to change their lives, their families, and their communities.

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