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My name is Fred .  I was born on July 31, 2006 at Lwanda Village, Winjo Sub Location, East Muhuru Location, Muhuru Division,  Nyatike Sub County, Migori County, Nyanza Province, Kenya.  I am 13 years old.  I was born by father Kaiga and mother Monika.  I was taken by the Lalmba Association program in the year 2010 after the death of my father in the year 2008.  After I was taken by Lalmba I started my baby class at Lwanda Complex Academy and now I am in class eight.  

I have been assisted by the Lalmba Association program by providing uniform, providing blankets, and also provided me with maize.  I am praying so hard so that God can protect me and other orphans to be done for so as I have been done for.  

I am working so hard so that I could also join my secondary school next year.  For my hard work I am willing to be paid for next year in secondary level.  As per now, I would wish to congratulate the Lalmba Association program for the work they have done to me together with my family because they have taught my elder brother as per now, he is in University level.

Fred is currently enrolled in grade 10.

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