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The Cost of Higher Education in Rural Kenya

In rural Kenya, an 8th-grade education was once an advantage in a largely uneducated community. Today, students need to go further with their schooling or learn a trade in a technical school to escape the cycles of poverty.

Education costs include tuition, uniforms, books, pens and pencils, transportation, and meal costs, tutoring, and library access. Here is what it costs, in Canadian dollars equivalent, to send a student to school in rural Kenya in 2022.

Year One $400
Year Two $400
Year Three $400
Year Four $400
Full Scholarship $1600

The Value of Higher Education

Lalmba surveyed adults in the areas we serve in Migori County, Kenya to determine the average monthly income compared to education level. Here is the average monthly income, in Canadian dollars, that graduates at different levels could earn in 2020.

8th Grade EducationThe average monthly wage of a class 8 graduate $24
Vocational TrainingThe average monthly wage of vocational training graduate (tailor, carpenter, mechanic, electrician, etc…) $57
12th Grade EducationThe average monthly wage of a high school graduate $62
University EducationThe average monthly wage of a university graduate $108

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